Watches for Sale

(Last updated on December 28, 2010)

I'm selling off the balance of my watch collection (18 watches listed below). I'm keeping the few that I wear regularly and getting rid of the rest.

Most of these have had very little time being worn (if they did, I would be willing to keep them) and are in excellent condition. Watches with bracelets have been sized for an 8.25-inch wrist, but in all cases the original extra links, if any, are included. All will have original boxes and papers except where noted.

The prices below are firm. If the watches don't sell here informally, I'll list them at higher prices in my eBay Store, where I've previously had great success selling watches from my collection. All prices include shipping to U.S. addresses. Payment by PayPal (no extra charge), USPS money order (immediate shipment) or check (watch held until check clears).

In each case the title is a link to online websites with the specs for the watch. I've also provided in-hand non-stock pics for each.

If you're interested, contact me through whichever message board brought you here or at

P.S. Yes, I know my photography sucks.

Invicta Reserve Akula $150 SOLD!

Model 5281.

Android Divemaster Predator $215 SOLD!

Swiss ETA 2824. The best color combo of the 4 and the one that sold out first.

Invicta Reserve Leviathan $125

Model 6655.

Invicta Lupah Diver Automatic $225 SOLD!

Model 3505. This one has become a bit of a rare bird. Selita SW200 movement. Box, but no papers.

Invicta Specialty Ocean Ghost Mechanical $95 SOLD!

Model 4728/LTMOP. Bracelet suffers from desk-diving rash. Box but no papers.

Invicta Scuba Pro Diver $100 SOLD!

Model 0076. Dubbed the "poor man's venom".

Invicta Ocean Ghost Automatic Meteorite $380 SOLD!

Model 5015. Also getting tougher to find, especially with decent striations, and this dial is a gem!

Renato T-Rex Interchangeable (Blue) $135 SOLD!

Well-executed interchangeable system. Black leather strap has been worn. Orange leather strap has never been worn.

Renato T-Rex Interchangeable (Purple) $135 SOLD!

Well-executed interchangeable system. Black leather strap has been worn. Yellow leather strap has never been worn.

Invicta Classique Sandstone $45 SOLD!

Blingey, yes. Cheap though.

Invicta Reserve Subaqua Noma Valjoux 7750 $550

Model 4369. Gorgeous watch and beefy too. If I can't get my asking price, I won't mind keeping it at all.

Stuhrling Legacy Retrograde MOP $135 each

One of my favorite Sturhling executions, and in fact I went a bit nuts at the time, as I have all FIVE different color executions available:

  1. Grey MOP/stainless
  2. Platinum MOP/stainless
  3. White MOP/stainless
  4. Grey MOP/rosetone SOLD!
  5. White MOP/rosetone

The side-by-side comparison photo was taken before I got the fifth execution. Individual shots follow.

Stuhrling Heritage Grand $95

The wide expanse of MOP is what drew me to the watch.

Stuhrling Gent's Tourbillon #12/50 $1,300

Don't mistake this for the current crop of garish oversized tourbillons that Sturhling has been selling for $700-1,000 on ShopNBC. This is a VERY scarce watch, a much earlier flying tourbillon from Stuhrling. It's the second tourbillon model they did. Only 50 were produced, and they were originally sold on ShopNBC for over $4,000 (according to Jim Skelton; I wasn't watching ShopNBC back then, so I don't know if that was actually the case. I only have that and the used price at the above link for reference - they haven't had one in stock for years). It is a true dress size (40mm) and infinitely more tasteful than the current creations.