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Meijin is on the rag and feeling bitchy.

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When Invicta becomes an ethical company, i.e., NEVER!

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6-29-11: Invicta's Michael Davis Is a Convicted Felon who Impersonated a Navy Seal

Don't Become Brainwashed!

If you REALLY want to learn about watch collecting, spend your time and support at real watch forums that don't prey upon the novice. Avoid brand-sponsored watch forums where management arbitrarily and capriciously bans members for daring to speak the truth or question the rampant and repeated unethical actions of the forum sponsor.

Spend your watch-collecting dollars on brands that don't deliberately lie to the consumer about where their watches are manufactured or what movements are in the watches, and that don't create artificial hyperinflated retail prices of their watches.

If you want to learn more about watch-collecting, I recommend the following forums: